Did you know Cincinnati has an abandoned subway system? It's true, although most people don't realize it exists. The movie, Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway, premiered in June 2010 at Cincinnati Museum Center and was regionally broadcast on PBS to six million viewers. The film is purposed to explain the history behind the forgotten tunnels, and how this 98-year-old story has influenced the modern day city. 

Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway is an hour-long documentary exploring the creation of the subway, why it failed, and how the unfinished rapid transit loop impacts the present-day metropolis.

Highlights of the film include the project’s conception in 1916, details of the construction during the 1920s, and its ultimate demise prior to The Great Depression. In the decades since, citizens attempted to revive the project, but for various reasons it was never completed. Without rapid transit, industry moved out of the area and highways became congested.

The ongoing debate over public transportation encourages citizens to look to their past to understand how the lack of the subway affects them today. More importantly, people will recognize how present decisions influence the lifestyles of future generations. With renewed interest, could the Cincinnati subway finally be implemented for rapid transit?

Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway includes commentary from local historians and city engineers, vivid footage of the tunnels, as well as a collection of original construction photographs from the 1920s.